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Airless sprayers are the perfect tool for high production needs.

They are often used in large scale commercial painting and for good reason. They will allow you to paint a large building in less time. While they are a great resource for commercial painting, they are often a large expense and it is critical that you select an appropriate unit to match your painting needs. We will explore the two most important things to consider when choosing an airless pump to ensure you find one that will properly meet your needs and last a long time.

How much pressure do you need for your spraying process?

Pressure provides a few different things that help in your painting process. One it provides the ability to supply a coating over a distance. If you will be painting long distances from your pump you will want to find a higher pressured pump. The other thing pressure allows for is supply and break up of high viscosity paintings. If your coating will be highly viscous you will need a higher pressure pump to supply the coating and appropriately atomize it. For an idea of pressures required heavy body latex coatings typically need at least 2000 psi to be properly atomized. To clarify a high pressure pump would be at least 30:1 in ratio, meaning for every 10 pounds of pressure supplied to the pump the pump would output 300 psi of pressure. Typically a 30:1 pump can provide coating up to 200 feet from the source, if you will be further than this from your pump a higher pressure rating will be needed.